Please find a link to the IRFU Guidelines on Concussion in the link sidebar on the top right hand side of this page. There are a number of videos which can help players, coaches & family members identify and deal with Concussion.

At Belvedere College, all teams operate a STOP-INFORM-REST-RETURN policy. We will withdraw any player from play immediately if they display any visible clues or signs or symptoms of a suspected concussion.

The player will not be allowed to play rugby until they have completed the graduated return to play (GRTP) protocol if they are displaying signs or symptoms of a suspected concussion sustained while playing rugby or another sport.

While the stduent is partaking in the GRTP, they cannot play any other sports.

Please also follow the link below for more information. There are pocket sized paper versions of this IRFU guide avaialbe from the Games office in Belvedere for each child.