Fergus McCormack in Rhetoric obliterated the Belvedere College mile and a half record.

A time of 7:21 was enough to break the ten year old record of 7:39.

McCormack, who finished 6th at the Irish School’s Track and Field Championships in May reeled off laps of 73.5 seconds to become the fastest Belvederian ever over the mile and a half.

Full Results:

Mile and a Half

Fergus McCormack 7-21

Lucas Byrne 9-08

Ciaran Heelan 9-11

Michael McHugh 9-15

Odhran O Connell 9-15

David Kelly 9-18

Sean McCullagh 9-22

Conor O Neill 9-25

Chris Walley 9-26

Tom Fitzgerald 9-41

Michael O Driscoll 9-48

Matthew Fitzsimons 9-57


Sam Kelly 5-31

David Kearney 5-32

David Boylan 5-33

John Cleary 5-44

Barney Kelly 6-00

Daniel Byrne 6-03

Andy O Neill 6-12

Killian Forrester 6-14

Dylan McGrath 6-18

Mark McCaffrey 6-25

Matthew Barrett 6-30

Shane Gilligan 6-34

Alex Freeman 6-55

Tomas O Connor 7-17