Belvedere College Gaelic Football


Ivanhoe Grammar


This year a group of Syntax and Poetry students were lucky enough to get the chance to take part in a very different cultural experience.

Every couple of years an Australian School called Ivanhoe Grammar who play Australian Rules come to Ireland on tour and play Irish schools in Gaelic Football. A team was put together of Syntax and Poetry students some of which didn’t even know each others names but we had about an hour or so before the game to sort all that out.


We knew that Ivanhoe would be very up for this game and we had absolutely no doubt when we heard their captain roaring at them in a huddle just minutes before the game started.

Ivanhoe set the tempo early on by putting in some very hard tackles, none of the tackles were dirty in the slightest just more aggressive than we had expected. There was some great scores from both sides but the score of the day without any doubt came from Hugh Fenlon and was assisted by his good friend Daniel Scully.


In the end, our better knowledge of Gaelic Football proved to be the difference between the two teams. However it wasn’t about the score it was about the occasion. Although it was very enjoyable for all of us Belvedere Students it was more about the students of Ivanhoe as they had travelled across the world and they were able to experience Gaelic in its founding country. We look forward to hosting them again in a few years time.


A huge thanks to Past Pupil Ciaran Boylan who refereed the game.

Conor McGinn

Poetry Scully