With a win in last weekend’s Cooke Cup, it was incredibly difficult to pick out Award winners amongst such a talented and committed year group.

Doug Suffield

Doug Suffield (P3) on his way to collect his award

Doug Presentation

Doug Suffield (P3) with coaches Mr Troy and Mr Duggan


David O Byrne (P3) with  Mr Duggan

B Ryan and McC

Jake McComish (P2) with Mr Ryan

Moran Presentation

Eoin O Brien with Mr Moran

Hugh and Ger

Hugh Bermingham ( P2) with Mr O Sullivan

Conor and Rob

Robert O Farrell with Mr Owundye

Josh McG

Josh McGrath (P1) with Mr O grady


Player of the Year David Hawkshaw with Mr Colahan


         Mr Wood explains Games for first years in the summer term