Wednesday 27 February:

SCT v Kings Hospital away (2.30) Senior Shield 1st Round

TYA and TYB v Clongowes away (2.45) Forster Cup and Sen. 4 league West.

J3 v Newpark Cabra (2.30) Junior 2 League Division 2

J5 v Clongowes Cabra (2.30) Junior 3rd League

Rudiments A and C v Kilkenny Cabra (2.30) Challenge match

Elements Panel 3 v St Columba’s away (2.30) Challenge match

Saturday 2 March:

Senior 2nd v Clongowes Cabra (2.45) Senior 2 league premier division

Panel 2B v Clongowes away (2.30) Sen 4 league West

J4 v CUS Cabra (10.30) J3 league

Rudiments B, C, F v CUS Cabra (10.30)

Elements A,B,C,D v CBC Cork away 11.30am (bus leaving Cabra at 7.15am.